We use our expertise to provide customized strategy within industry and company dynamics.

Civil aviation, being one of the fastest developing sectors, owes this rapid growth to engineering of highest quality and design organizations’ innovative approaches. Since Turkey hosts several big MRO and DOA facilities in last two decades, well-trained, highly skilled technical staff was emerged. We are capable to use Turkey’s significant potential for our customers’ needs and demands.

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Product Development and Prototyping
  • System Integration
  • Technical Support
  • Finance / Labor
    • Cost Analysis
    • Feasibility Analysis
    • Legal Services
    • Negotiations
    • Procurement
    • Recruitment
  • Part M – Continuing Airworthiness  Management Organisation
  • Part 145 – Maintenance Organisation
  • Part 21 – Design Organisation, AP DOA and Production Organisation
  • Management and Organisation Consultancy
  • Financial Management Support
  • Feasibility Studies (Financial, Technical, Organisational)
  • Support and Establishment of the Security, Safety and Quality Management System of Airports and ATMs
  • Managing Green Airports  
  • ATC Operational Issues