Newly established enterprise in 2019 based on 20 years free-lance consultancy and senior executive leadership experience in aviation, defense industry and manufacturing sectors with an extensive network of professionals of business administration, finance and law. Source not only knows the ropes, but also brings efficient solutions by understanding you like a part of your organization with an extensive experience and knowledge about Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing Technologies and Know-How Transfer.

Source provides consultancy and engineering services including but not limited to investment, management, analysis and reporting, finance, software and design engineering. Contact us.

Shaping future through increasing the clients’ contributions at industries globally with our dedication of sourcing the businesses not just as an external consultant but like being a real part of the organizations for customized and efficient solutions.

  • We commence our consultancy service by understanding your organization and your needs.
  • We deploy Source as being a part of your organization and we do not leave you alone at the implementation stages.
  • We avoid serving our clients with generic contents but adjust our global experience for efficient and customized solutions special to your organization, which is the principle we follow.
  • We are an international consultancy enterprise specialized in investment, management and engineering.
  • We provide our services in several different sectors mainly in aerospace and defense.
  • We want to increase our clients’ business capacity.
  • We want to prevent our clients from risky ventures and instead provide them an opportunity.
  • Integrity : We honour fair competition, integrity and responsible action in our consultancy services.
  • Mutual Trust : Your business is entrusted to us and we trust each other to Source your business in true way.
  • Confidentiality : We strictly maintain the confidentiality of your trade secrets, business information, intellectual property and personal data.